Vol 4 No 1 (2014)
Issue Description

Letter from Editor in Chief

 With this new issue of the Spanish Journal of Soil Science, our journal reaches its third year since it appeared in November 2011. In this period the SJSS has considerably increased its visibility, which doubled compared to 2012 with 1200 hits per month on average in 2013. It has been included in ten open access databases and we have taken steps to proceed with its evaluation in order to be indexed on sites like the FECYT and Citation Index. The Editorial Board takes care at all times to ensure a strict compliance of quality indexes, both in terms of the review process and of the timely appearance of each issue, among many other indicators.

This issue consists of eight contributions, which deal with very different research areas within the scope of the journal and reflect the wide range of topics encompassed by soil science research.

On behalf of the Editorial Board I wish to thank the authors for their having chosen SJSS to publish their research, to the reviewers for the comprehensive and rigorous evaluations of manuscripts, the Universia team for their professionalism and efficiency in editing, and the CSIC for their support and dissemination of the journal. We also continue to encourage the scientific community of soil science to send the products of their research to the platform of the journal for possible publication.

Physical properties and soil water

Jorge Mataix-Solera, Lorena M. Zavala, Antonio Jordán, Gema Bárcenas-Moreno, Elena Lozano, Juan Gil-Torres, Victoria Arcenegui, Andrea Pérez-Bejarano, Alicia Morugán-Coronado, Patricia Jiménez-Pinilla, Arturo J.P. Granged
Small variations of soil properties control fire-induced water repellency .
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Soil-plant relationships and mechanisms and processess of mobilization and immobilization of nutrients

Francisco Gómez Mercado, Sergio de Haro Lozano
Edaphic behaviour of several species of Cistus in the Green Corridor of Guadiamar (Spain) .
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Soil management and land degradation, soil contamination, soil technology, protection and remediation

Virginia Alvarado, Marilyn Romero, Tania Bermúdez, Lilliana Piedra
Native plants for erosion control in urban river slopes .
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Sara Montoya Sánchez-Camacho, Guadalupe Marín Calderón, Eduardo Ortega Bernaldo de Quirós
Impact of prescribed burning on soils in urban interface areas in Granada (south-eastern Spain) .
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