Vol 11 No 1 (2021): Spanish Journal of Soil Science
Spanish Journal of Soil Science

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

I welcome you to the first issue of the eleventh volume of the Spanish Journal of Soil Science. It contains a special opinion article on the use of the term ‘biocluster’ in soils, and five research articles having the management of agricultural soils in common: organically-farming soils under vineyards; the role of farmyard manure to alleviate soil compaction; influence of soil management on organic matter fractionation; relationships between soils and composition of oil from Pistacia trees; and finally, the evaluation of indigenous soil knowledge in Ecuador. The cover of this issue is fantastically illustrated with the winning image of the Photo Contest SECS 2021, by David Badía Villas.

This is the last issue of SJSS before it becomes a member of the Frontiers journals. Since its beginning in 2011 under Universia, the SJSS has been publishing Soil Science research with quality and rigour, and the success of this initiative has been demonstrated by its recognition of editorial quality and by its inclusion in several journal indexing systems. Now, 10 years since the first issue, a new phase of the Journal under the umbrella of Frontiers will begin, and we expect that this will lead to the final inclusion of SJSS in the Science Citation Index and place it as a top Soil Science journal.

As in the preceding issues, on behalf of the editorial team, we thank the authors for sending the papers, to the referees for the quality of the reviews, and finally to the team of the Spanish Society of Soil Science for their professionalism in editing and managing the platform.


Rosa M. Poch

Original Research Articles

Xavier Úbeda, Marcos Francos, Pablo Eguzkiza, Estevao B. Stefanuto
Soil and grapevine leaf quality in organic vineyards of different ages in DO Rioja-Alavesa, northern Spain
Kamel Ghadernejad, Gholamhossein Shahgholi, Aref Mardani, Mohammad Reza Maleki
Investigating the effect of farmyard manure on clay soil compactibility
Marco Panettieri, Marco Antonio Jiménez-González, Laura L. De Sosa, Gonzalo Almendros, Engracia Madejón
Chemical diversity and molecular signature of soil humic fractions used as proxies of soil quality under contrasted tillage management
Leticia Salomé Jiménez Álvarez, Edwin Andrade, Edwin Daniel Capa Mora, Natacha Del Cisne Fierro Jaramillo, Pablo Geovanny Quichimbo Miguitama, Wilmer Jiménez, Humberto Vinicio Carrión Paladines
Traditional knowledge on soil management and conservation in the inter-Andean region, northern Ecuador
Josep Vicent Llinares Palacios, Juan A. Llorens-Molina, Jaume Mulet, Sandra Vacas
Soil parameters and bioclimatic characteristics affecting essential oil composition of leaves of Pistacia lentiscus L. from València (Spain)