Vol 9 No 1 (2019)
Issue Description

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

Welcome to the first issue of volume nine of the Spanish Journal of Soil Science, which contains articles on fertility and soil quality in places as diverse as Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina and Nigeria.

These interesting articles deal with these issues from different points of view, from soil biology and ecology (interactions between symbiotic organisms, functional genomic groups), to the adaptation of fertilization practices to water-saturated environments and sustainability of management practices including fertilization.

As always, on behalf of the editorial team, we thank the authors for sending the manuscripts, the guest editors for their rigor in the selection and review of manuscripts, the referees for the quality of their reviews, and the team Universia for its professionalism.


Rosa M. Poch

Soil Biology and biochemistry, modelization of dynamical biological and biochemical processes

Lateef Babatunde Salam, Oluwafemi Sunday Obayori
Structural and functional metagenomic analyses of a tropical agricultural soil
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Soil quality, soils and environmental quality, soil use, soil use changes and sustainability

Natalia Banegas, Marianela Maza, Emilce Viruel, José Nasca, Francisco Canteros, Roberto Corbella, Daniel Dos Santos
Long-term impact of grazing and tillage on soil quality in the semi-arid Chaco (Argentina)

Soil-plant relationships and mechanisms and processess of mobilization and immobilization of nutrients

Ana Dolores Armenta Calderón, Sergio F. Moreno-Salazar, Eduardo Furrazola Gómez, Andrés Ochoa-Meza
Arbuscular mycorrhiza, carbon content and soil aggregation in Sonoran Desert plants
Dedik Budianta, Adipati Napoleon, Akbar Paripurna, E Ermatita
Growth and production of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merill) with different fertilizer strategies in a tidal soil from South Sumatra, Indonesia