Vol 8 No 3 (2018)
Issue Description

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

With great pleasure I present volume 8, issue 3 of the Spanish Journal of Soil Science. On December 5th we will celebrate the World Soil Day, this time dedicated to soil pollution. This year's theme (Be the Solution to Soil Pollution) is related to two articles published in this issue, specifically on the rehabilitation of technosols through compost amendments; and also on the rehabilitation of sodium soils. The other articles deal with the rehabilitation of soils affected by fires, aspects of phosphorus fertilization and the effect of green fertilization on carbon sequestration. Again, the diversity of the origin of the authors is an added value to the quality of the articles contained in this issue.

As always, on behalf of the editorial team, we thank the authors for sending the manuscripts, the referees for the quality of their reviews, and the team Universia for their professionalism in managing and editing the platform.



Rosa M. Poch

Soil quality, soils and environmental quality, soil use, soil use changes and sustainability

Nelson Virgilio Piraneque Gambasica, Sonia Esperanza Aguirre Forero, Adriano Reis Lucheta
Green manure: Alternative to carbon sequestration in a Typic Ustipsamment under semiarid conditions

Soil management and land degradation, soil contamination, soil technology, protection and remediation

Rubén Forján, Alfonso Rodríguez Vila, Beatriz Cerqueira Cancelo, Mati Amano Geleto, Verónica Asensio Fandiño, Emma F. Covelo
Assesment of compost and Technosol as amendments to increase nutrient contents in a mine soil vegetated with Brassica juncea
Montserrat Díaz Raviña, Alba Lombao Vázquez, Ana Isabel Barreiro Buján, Angela Martín Jiménez, Tarsy Carballas Fernández
Medium-term impact of post-fire emergency rehabilitation techniques on a shrubland ecosystem in Galicia (NW Spain)
Richar Manuel Simanca Fontalvo, Jairo Leonardo Cuervo Andrade
Effect of organic amendments and sulfur on chemical and biological properties of a sodic soil
PDF (Español (España))

Soil Chemistry: physico-chemical and chemical properties and soil behaviour

Masomeh Moazallahi, Majid Baghernejad, Hormazd Naghavi
Effect of incubation time on transformation rate and chemical forms of phosphorous in calcareous soils along a climotoposequence