Vol 7 No 1 (2017)
Issue Description

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

It is a pleasure to present the first issue of the seventh volume of the Spanish Journal of Soil Science. It contains articles by several international authors that besides plant nutrition and trace elements deal with less common issues as invertebrate study and the value of soil in preserving archaeological records.

The objective of the editorial team for this year is to improve the quality of the journal and its reflection in the journal impact indices. At present, the SJSS has a Scopus CiteScore of 65% (3rd Q). During 2016, accession numbers increased 17% compared with 2015, and we have obtained the FECYT seal of editorial quality.

On behalf of the editorial team, we thank the authors for sending the manuscripts, the guest editors for their rigor in the selection and review of manuscripts, the referees for the quality of their reviews, and the team Universia for its professionalism.


Rosa M. Poch

Soil Biology and biochemistry, modelization of dynamical biological and biochemical processes

Maria Mercedes Ortega Hidalgo, Esther Iparraguirre Bolaños, Carlos Brea San-Nicolás
Biomass assessment in annelids: A photogrammetric method suitable for hatchlings and adults developed for Eisenia andrei

Soil quality, soils and environmental quality, soil use, soil use changes and sustainability

Pilar García Rodríguez, Beatriz Álvarez García
Urban planning and archeological conscience: The impact of soil sealing on archaeological sites
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Soil management and land degradation, soil contamination, soil technology, protection and remediation

Remigio Paradelo, María Teresa Barral
Availability and fractionation of Cu, Pb and Zn in an acid soil from Galicia (NW Spain) amended with municipal solid waste compost

Soil-plant relationships and mechanisms and processess of mobilization and immobilization of nutrients

Juana Nieto, Antonio García-Fuentes, Llenalia M. García, Emilia Fernández-Ondoño
Study of the nutritional dynamic in olive leaves: periods of analytical stability
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B. P. Bhaskar, Gopal Tiwari, Jagdish Prasad
Pedogenic influence on profile distribution of total and DTPA - extractable micronutrients in rice growing hydric soils of Majuli river island, Assam, India