Vol 6 No 3 (2016)
Issue Description

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the last issue of the sixth volume of the Spanish Journal of Soil Science. It contains six interesting articles with authors coming from Iran, Nigeria, Argentina and Spain.

These articles deal with soil genesis (soil-landscape relationships in the Empordà), pollution and heavy metal dynamics (Cd extraction in the lab, speciation of Pb, Cd and Zn in savannah soils, fuel volatile compound extraction), soil carbon (soil organic carbon modelling) and education in soil science (evaluation of digital tools). We hope they will be interesting and useful for advancing your research.

On behalf of the editorial team, we thank the authors for sending the manuscripts, the referees who contributed throughout the year for their professionalism and rigour of their reviews (you will find the complete list of their names in this issue), and the Universia team for its care in the edition and in the management of the platform.


Rosa M. Poch

Soil Science Education

Ángela D. Bosch Serra, Germán Estudillos, María Rosa Yagüe, Josep M. Virgili
Digital tools in soil science related field studies: Training support and lifelong learning

Genesis, morphology and micromorphology of soils

Jaume Boixadera, Montserrat Antúnez, Rosa Maria Poch Claret
Soil – landscape relationships in the Empordà basin (Catalonia, NE Iberian Peninsula)

Soil management and land degradation, soil contamination, soil technology, protection and remediation

Ali Akbar Safari Sinegani, Milad Jafari Monsef
Changes in DTPA extractability of added cadmium in two different soil types treated with wheat straw in sterile and unsterile conditions
Rocío Moreno, Guillermo Alberto Studdert, María Gloria Monterubbianesi, Andrea Inés Irigoyen
Soil organic carbon simulated with the AMG model in a high-organic-matter Mollisol

Methods of soil analysis, nanotechnology applied to soils and advanced technics

María Balseiro-Romero, Raquel Chaves-Padín, Carmen Monterroso
Development and optimization of headspace and headspace-solid phase microextraction for the determination of volatile fuel compounds in environmental samples

Soil Chemistry: physico-chemical and chemical properties and soil behaviour

Nafiu Abdu, Ibrahim Mohammed
Adsorption-solubility equilibria and speciation of Pb, Cd, and Zn in a savanna soil