Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief


I welcome you to the second issue of the tenth volume of the Spanish Journal of Soil Science. It contains four research articles; three of them on soil organic carbon in three geographically and pedo-diverse environments: fractionation and stability of soil organic matter in the Russian arctic zone; seasonal variability of CO2-flows in anthropogenic soils of Chinampas in Mexico; and agronomic variables that control organic carbon stocks in Mollisols from the Argentine pampa. The fourth article is an interesting study on the influence of the age of forest plantations on the availability of aluminum and other soil chemical properties in Galicia. The issue is completed by a review article on soil rehabilitation methodologies in areas affected by mining activities in the Murcia region.

With this issue a series of changes has also been started. We have moved the SJSS portal to a new server of the Spanish Society of Soil Science and therefore the URL has changed, although the old one will continue to be active and redirected to the new one. The current address is: www.sjss.es. Also, from this year 2020, the logo of the Biodiversity Foundation will be incorporated into the Journal. The Biodiversity Foundation collaborates with SECS through an agreement in which both institutions seek synergies to increase the dissemination and visibility of the activities of both institutions.

As in the preceding issues, on behalf of the editorial team, we thank the authors for sending the papers and for their indulgence, despite the availability problems of the website at this transition stage, to the referees for the quality of the reviews, and finally to the team of Universia and of the Spanish Society of Soil Science for their professionalism in editing and managing the platform.



Rosa M. Poch